UKRHW 2019

UK Recreational Hypnosis Workshop

A (mostly) British Recreational Hypnosis Event

A recreational hypnosis event in Wales, from Friday, November 15, 2019, 7pm until Sunday, November 17, 2019, 4pm.

Following the runaway success of the UK's first multi-presenter weekend recreational hypnosis workshop last November, it had to be repeated. During the event there will be at least 12 hours of hypnosis classes/demonstrations/activities plus two evenings of fun activities. The event is suitable for everyone; hypnotist subject or switch, experienced or merely new and curious, old and young.

And of course there is a discord server for attendees to connect, organise and chat!

Ticket Information

See FetLife event on how to get tickets.

  • £50 non-residential
  • £80 residential (dormitory style, bunk beds, 4/5 to a room)

To get tickets or read more, see the FetLife event:

Where is it?

The event is held in a beautiful old hostel in North West Wales where most of the attendees will be staying in the dorm.

Presentation Rooms

  • Large presentation room - Where most of the workshops will be held.
  • Lounge room - For secondary workshops and relaxing.
  • Front room - A cosy, cuddle place.

Food & Lodging

Only for the residential guests.

  • Dormitory style bunk-beds, about 4/5 a room.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Who is presenting?

The main presenters for this year. With more guest presenters from the US and the UK.


A veteran of BDSM from the UK who uses hypnosis to enhance his sessions. Calling himself a Dr Jekyll Dom and Mr Hyde sub, he is well-known to both teach and very willing to learn. Just watch out for the glowing orbs.

Entrancement UK

Also known as Lex with the awesome hat. A male hypnotist from the UK who runs his own hypnosis YouTube channel where he hypnotizes beautiful ladies to do his bidding. Playful but definitely not to be underestimated.


A 38-year-old, well-known hypnotist from the Netherlands, making audio files, visuals and many more things on his site and YouTube channel. He also enjoys giving workshops and talking about nerdy things of all kinds.


A big, gentle bear from the UK. With his soft-spoken approaches and beautiful display of physicality in hypnosis he surprised and enticed everyone last year.


An experienced dominant and professional female hypnotist from the UK who has presented at large recreational hypnosis conferences throughout the world. Her outwardly gentle yet devious approach has enticed many.