HYDE 2020

HYDE 2020 - Hypnosis in Germany

An International Recreational Hypnosis Event (in English!)

The event has been postponed - Read more on FetLife

A recreational hypnosis event in Germany from Friday, March 13th, 2020 6pm, until Sunday, March 15th, 2020 5pm.

Together with the organisers of the UK Recreational Hypnosis Workshop, we wanted to organise a main-land European Hypnosis event. And, after some brainstorming, HYDE was born. A whole weekend of hypnosis classes, workshops and activities. Together with friends, food and fun!

And of course there is a discord server for attendees to connect, organise and chat!

Ticket Information

To get tickets or read more, see the FetLife event: https://fetlife.com/events/830908

  • €90 Ticket & Accommodation (sold out) - Dormitory style, bunk beds, 4-6 to a room.
  • €50 Ticket only (sold out)- Workshops (and play evening) only - accommodation and meals are not included.

When buying a ticket, you will have to make a (non-refundable) down payment of €30 (€20 for ticket only). With the full amount paid before December 15, 2019. If the total is not paid before then, someone else will get your place!

Tickets are only transferable by contacting the organisers. Since the event is expected to be extremely popular, please be prompt with your payments!


Are you attending and want to present? Fill in the: Presenter Form

Where is it?

A beautiful hostel in a secluded part of the buzzing Ruhr district in western Germany which is easily accessible by either car or public transport (travel time from Düsseldorf Airport approx. 1 hour). Once you've paid the deposit, you will get details on the location. The hostel has parking places and will house 52 residential guests in total for this event.

Venue Details

  • Big Conference room - For most of the main presentations.
  • Small conference room - For additional workshops and practice.
  • Common room - Quiet lounge/relaxing area.
  • Cantine - For the residential meals!

Food & Lodging

Only for Ticket & Accommodation.

  • Dormitory style bunk-beds, about 4-6 a room.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Food will include vegetarian options, but no other dietary restrictions can be promised (when in doubt get in contact with the organisers)

Who is presenting?

The main presenters for this year. And there is also a secondary room where we might host guest presenters!

Are you attending and want to present? Fill in the: Presenter form


A 25-year-old hypnotist from Germany with an affinity for all things weird and twisted. This especially applies to her subjects whom she gladly helps out by twisting them some more. Her main focus is intense power exchange and long-term obedience training with a special interest in emotional sadism. She likes cherry trees.


A 30-year-old sub (and geek) from the Netherlands with a love for all things mental. Noticing that most in-depth information about hypnosis was focused towards hypnotists, she likes to share her own experiences with hypnosis, combined with how we can use what science has discovered about the topic to create better experiences.


A 69-year-old veteran of BDSM from the UK who uses hypnosis to enhance his sessions. Calling himself a Dr Jekyll Dom and Mr Hyde sub, he is well-known to both teach and very willing to learn. Just watch out for the glowing orbs.


He started out hypnosis as a magician and street hypnotist. Using hypnosis in a performance setting forced him to develop a very efficient and to the point style. Later he expanded on this with courses in conversational hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnotherapy aiming to achieve a style that is both direct and subtle. Besides messing with people's minds he also enjoys practicing yoga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and baking.


A 39-year-old, well-known hypnotist from the Netherlands, making audio files, visuals and many more things on his site and YouTube channel (with over 150,000 subscribers). He also enjoys giving workshops and talking about nerdy things of all kinds.


An experienced dominant and professional female hypnotist from the UK who has presented at large recreational hypnosis conferences throughout the world. Her outwardly gentle yet devious approach has enticed many.


A German female hypnotist, built in 1998, with a special focus on comfort, confusion and caring. She enjoys providing gentle trances with a glint of domminess, with special focus on the well-being of the subject. Preferably combining hypnosis with sensual-play. Always open for a nerdy-talk and a glass of orange-juice.

Who is this for?

This event is for anyone interested, both new and experienced and on either side of the watch. Both hypnotists and subjects can learn new things and bring their experiences. And, let's not forget, it's a place to connect and make new friends!

The workshops will cover many subjects and many of them are interactive as well.